Etymology of berry and apple

Etymology of berry and apple
berry (n.)
Berry is like persian bar (fruit, load):
Old English berie “berry, grape,” from Proto-Germanic *basjom (source also of Old Norse ber, Middle Dutch bere, German Beere “berry;” Old Saxon winberi, Gothic weinabasi “grape”), which is of unknown origin. This and apple are the only native fruit names.
apple (n.)
Old English æppel “apple; any kind of fruit; fruit in general,” from Proto-Germanic *ap(a)laz (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Dutch appel, Old Norse eple, Old High German apful, German Apfel), from PIE *ab(e)l- “apple” (source also of Gaulish avallo “fruit;” Old Irish ubull, Lithuanian obuolys, Old Church Slavonic jabloko “apple”), but the exact relation and original sense of these is uncertain (compare melon).
Apple (abel) is like able:
able (adj.)
“having sufficient power or means,” early 14c., from Old French (h)able “capable; fitting, suitable; agile, nimble” (14c.), from Latin habilem, habilis “easily handled, apt,” verbal adjective from habere “to hold” (from PIE root *ghabh- “to give or receive”).
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