Are Heimdall and Svantovit and Targitai identical?

Are Heimdall and Svantovit and Targitai identical?
Svantovit has also been proposed that the meaning of the first part of the theonym should be translated, for example, as “world” .
The etymology of the name Heimdall is obscure, but ‘the one who illuminates the world’ has been proposed.
Scythian’s Tar-gitai and Slavs’ Svanto-vit and the Norse Heim-dall are synonyms in the meaning of «guardian of the world».
Targitai like Heimdall is the ancestor of three tribes.
Svantovit (the Scythian god “Papai=father”) is the god of abundance and war, and the chief god of the Slavic tribe of the Rani, and later of all the Polabian Slavs. His organized cult was located on the island of Rügen, at Cape Arkona, where his main temple was also located.
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