Skythian’s totem animal (Frangrasian, Chimeria)

Skythian’s totem animal (Frangrasian, Chimeria)

And here is another proof that the knobstick was used as a ceremonial stick. This is the wall relief from Bayazid fortress (Armenian Դարոյնք, Դարենից (Daroynk, Darenits’)). It depicts two Parthian priests, wearing Phrigian hats, of which one is carrying a knobstick. Obviously the knobstick is carried as a ceremonial stick and not a weapon.…/a…/s640/knobstick%2Barmenia.jpg

The fortress dates to the time of the kingdom or Urartu. This is very interesting because several other things link Serbian and Ireland to this ancient kingdom. During the 4th century ad the fortress was the royal treasury of the Bagratid Armenian kingdom.

दारुण adj. dAruNa dreadful
Bayaz-it: the holy dog

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